My Journey – Updated

I am a 50 year old professional that formerly was 270 lbs at age 30. I was a size 28, suffered many medical problems associated with the weight, and I was miserable. At age 31, I made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery, the roux-en-y. It was a success!! Today, I am 20 years post-surgery and learning how to train for endurance exercise. I am learning to properly carb-up and recover for triathlons, which is very difficult with a small stomach and the first 12″ of my intestine removed. This is a story of my struggle. And I’m still going!!!


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I got this!

In January, a freckle appeared on my nose.  I thought that was weird.  Who gets a freckle at 50 years old?  The dermatologist said it was pre-squamous cells, and left untreated could turn into squamous cell carcinoma.  I can’t have that, so she froze it off. Fast forward to last week.  Another “freckle” appeared on … Continue reading I got this!

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